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Fixed combination perindopril-amlodipine - optimised treatment in hypertension and coronary artery disease Abstract: Hypertension is currently the biggest single risk factor contributing to global death. Despite the constantly improving treatments, only one third of patients who are treated have a normalisation of blood pressure BP.

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Recent clinical trials suggest that the approach of using monotherapy for the control of hypertension is not likely to be successful in most patients.

Combination therapy is preferred, based on the fact that multiple factors contribute to hypertension and achieving control of BP with a i = lang hipertenzije agent acting through one particular mechanism may not be possible.

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Combining the medicines makes them available in a convenient dosing format and lowers the dose of individual components, thus reducing the side effects and improving compliance. The combination perindopril-amlodipine is the only treatment among ACE inhibitor and CCB combinations that has been demonstrated to meet the primary objective of antihypertensive therapy, that is, overall reduction of hypertension-related death and morbidity.

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Krka is now the only generic company offering a fixed combination of perindopril and amlodipine and thus enabling effective treatment tailored to i = lang hipertenzije individual needs of patients and physicians. Similar documents Similar works from other Slovenian collections: Comments You have to log in to leave a comment.

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